Return Policy

Please note: We offer 100% return policy if the order hasn’t been started or if for some reason the order cannot be completed. Orders are usually started within a few hours of the initial purchase. We will wait for the order to pass the fraud test before starting any orders (Sometimes the fraud test which is done through our credit card processor can take hours but normally is complete within a few minutes after the purchase).

  1. Please don’t order from multiple providers at one time. We will not refund your order if you buy from other providers at the same time as us (because of their negligence).
  2. Once the order is started there will be no refunds unless we fail to deliver the order. That refund will be in proportion to the amount of the order that wasn’t delivered.
  3. Most orders are done within 24-48 hours but occasionally there can be a small delay. (Actually most orders are done in less than 24 hours) In case of a delay  I will usually email the clients and inform them of any unexpected delays. Just because there is a small delay we will not issue a refund. We are always fair with our clients and will either issue a refund or give them a credit if there is a longer delay.
  4.  Any chargebacks will be reported to the authorities. We record your ip address and will report you to the local authorities in your area for fraud.
  5.  Remember we are here for you to help you grow and be successful online.

If you have any questions regarding any of our policies please use the contact us page to let us know.

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